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The view from here.

One thing is irrefutable: A big compelling idea that cuts through everything is still the
Holy Grail of advertising. For a brand, it can make the difference between thriving, or not.

We think it’s fair to say we have a strong record of keeping clients on the thriving side.

From initial strategy and branding to final execution, our integrated team of strategists,
account managers, creative and digital specialists create ideas that are both seductively simple
and difficult to ignore in an ever-changing digital and traditional landscape.

Our ultimate aim is to give clients resonating ideas that live on, so that their message
enjoys a building effect with each successive telling and through each successive platform.

As our work shows, we’ve created many compelling ideas that have lived on for years.

Speaking with focus and force in every forum.

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  • Experiential
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Inspiring Personal Belief in Brands

In our minds, effective advertising gives a brand a unique identity, separates its appeal from
all of its rivals, and suggests that the brand can offer something that no other brand can.

Not bad.

But the very best advertising goes a step beyond: it helps to inspire within the customer
a personal belief in the brand. When a person develops a personal belief about something,
it's a very powerful emotional force.

Imbued with personal belief, a customer is more likely to be loyal. More likely to advocate
your brand to others. Less likely to be swayed by competitors.

Inspiring personal belief. To us, it's the added increment.

The Independent Advantage

Something happens to ad agencies when they become bigger and public.
They add a lot of layers of management. They become more bureaucratic.
They really get into process, rather than results, rather than the actual work.

With no bureaucracy to bog us down, we’re able to mobilize quickly
to plot strategies, hatch creative ideas, and design full campaigns with speed
and effectiveness, often within a week.

At Industri, we waste no time and we waste no opportunities.

So what? So this:

It's a different world. The twenty-first century has provided us with a multiplicity
of ways to disseminate your message. And though these conduits of information allow us
to communicate with increased focus and precision, some principles remain unchanged.

A brand still needs a differentiating point of view.
A brand still needs to stand out from the crowd.
A brand still needs a unique personality.
Without the right personality, no one will remember you.
With the wrong one, no one will believe you.

Yes, change is the law of advertising. But some things will remain immutable.
In this year, or a hundred years hence.

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